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We offer workshops in different classes on the dances Boogie Woogie and Rockabilly Jive. You can choose different levels, from beginner to advanced dancer. There is also the option of using special courses, the Tasters, with overarching topics.

Which level is right for me?


Level I - Beginner

No basic knowledge is required. You will learn boogie or jive dancing step by step and the first little figures. Here the units build on each other. You can dance Boogie Woogie or Rockabilly Jive diligently at the seminar party and you'll want more.


Level II - Intermediate

The basic steps such as 6s and 8s in boogie or the jive steps are known; at least six months of regular training is a prerequisite. You already have a pool of basic characters, can easily dance through songs and want to deepen your existing knowledge. In addition to new figures, it's also about leading and following, as well as the tact and refinement of your dancing skills; this applies to both Boogie Woogie and Rockabilly Jive.


Level III - Intermediate/Advanced

You have mastered the basic steps such as 4s, 6s, 8s and 9s in different variations and have had at least 1 year of regular training behind you. Leading and following with different dance partners is an integral part of your dance style. You want to improve your step technique, get to know new moves, deepen your music interpretation, learn new variations and improve your movement in dance.


Level IV - Advanced

You've been on the dance floor for a long time and are an experienced boogie dancer. You master the change of step variations in the song, can draw on a large repertoire of figures and variations and can combine them as desired, depending on the beat and music. Now you want to further improve your dance style, expression and music interpretation. The dance movement, harmony with your dance partner and clean footwork are the most important part of dancing for you. Changing your dance partner is mandatory here and will not be a problem for you.



No set levels. You decide for yourself what you want, what you are confident about and whether it is interesting for you. These units are common to all levels. The requirements will be stated for the units or announced in good time.