Alexsia Ghezzo & Dimitri Masotti


Dimitri starts dancing at the age of 6 with rock and roll and immediately grows his passion for music, thanks also of his dancing parents. During the years he has the chance to meet the Boogie Woogie with which he falls in love and where soon he’s going to achieve important results. This passion brings him to know better the music of that period and to extend his vinyls and CDs collection. Besides being a professional dancer, Dimitri, is also a teacher and a DJ with whom loves to make the dancers play together with rock and roll rhythm. His style is defined by the attention to the connection with the partner, who loves to entertain, and the music and a focused eye on the rhythm which has to suite to the groove. Music and dance are inseparable and this characterizes his personal style.


Alexsia discovers rock and roll dance at the age of 6 and together with that, she finds the beauty of the art of the choreography. Her passion for the arts brings her to approach the art of theatre and later she will graduate in “Art, music and performing arts” where she had the chance to know better the music. She discovers the boogie woogie, with whom she falls in love and can’t do without it. Her passion brings her to go around Europe alone to join festivals that help her teaching and sharing her passion. To Alexsia the most important thing, into the dance, is to create a strong feeling with the partner and the music and to interpret it with freedom and fun. She truly believes in the union between art, music and dance, and while dancing she tries to recreate this union. Her style is characterized by the aim of talking to the partner and the audience.

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Dimitri & Alexsia

Dimitri & Alexsia are a three years old dance couple. Their first competition took place in one of the most important event in Europe where, as a game, they decided to compete. They found out to have the same passion and share the same aims. So since 2017 they compete globally with boogie woogie obtaining important results, and in the same year they started with Lindy Hop as well. They are a crazy and fun couple. They love to compete and to social dance, and this brought them to take part in several international festivals. They are inspired by the roots to put particular stuff on their personal dance. They teach together in Italy and abroad such as in Rock That Swing in Munich. Their latest result has been in 2018 with the third place in Strictly Lindy Hop at Camp Hollywood, Los Angeles and current the first place at the World Championships Boogie Woogie 2022 in Stuttgart.

Alexsia & Dimitri Boogie Woogie
Alexsia & Dimitri Lindy Hop