Which level suits me?


No basic knowledge is required. You will learn boogie dancing step by step and also first figures. The teaching units will be based on each other. You will be able to dance Boogie Woogie until the workshop party – and you will want more of it.


The basic steps 6 and 8 and at least half a year of regular training are required. You already have a pool of basic figures, you can dance continuously and you want to deepen your knowledge. You will learn new figures; further subjects will be leading and following as well as the sense of rhythm and refinement of your dancing skills.


You already master the basic dance steps (e.g. four, six, eight and nine basisc step) in different varieties and you did at least 1 year of regular training. Leading and following with different dancing partners is a regular feature of your dance style. You want to improve your dance step technique, learn new moves, deepen your music interpretation, learn new variations and improve your movements.


You are a skilled boogie dancer with quite a lot of dancing experience. You have a big repertoire of figures and variations and you are able to combine them depending on bar and music. Now you want to improve your dance style, expression and music interpretation. Dancing movements, harmony with your dancing partner and the correct footwork are the most important parts of your dancing. Changing the dancing partners is compulsory here and no problem for you.


Special (Taster)
No stated level here. It will be your choice what you want do, what you think you are capable of and what you are interested in. These general teaching units can be chosen irrespectively of levels. Requirements are mentioned within the levels (see above) or will be announced in good time.
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